Vehicle Number Plates (Registration Marks)


Vehicle Registration Numbers (Marks) are the property of the Government of Jersey.

However, the Inspector of Motor Traffic does allow the sale of the ‘mark right’

This is the ‘right’ to assign a particular Jersey registration mark to a Jersey registered motor vehicle.

In recent years ‘J Numbers’ as they have become commonly known are a desirable commodity and people will pay substantial amounts for the ‘right’ to assign a specific number to their motor vehicle. The number may pertain to a birthday, an anniversary or may have other relevance and will usually consist of one, two, three or four digits. A range of registration marks with the prefix ‘JSY’ have also been released; whilst they are desirable we have found from experience they do not in most cases demand the same prices as a traditional J Number.

Simon Drieu & Co have been the market leader in the sale by auction and by private confidential treaty of Vehicle Registration Marks for over twenty years providing excellent sale results for their clients. Our extensive knowledge in ascertaining the market value of Vehicle Registration Marks is second to none and is reflected by the following examples of prices achieved:

  • J4 – £380,000
  • J72 – £139,000
  • J69 – £103,000
  • J74 – £101,000
  • J68 – £91,000
  • J333 – £60,000
  • J222 – £56,000
  • J232 – £48,000
  • JSY111 – £25,200
  • J9999 – £24,000
  • J7777 – £24,000

Consigning a Registration Mark for Sale

It is a requirement that all J Numbers are sold on a motor vehicle of some description, it is not permitted to sell the number independently or whilst on retention with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Department.

It is imperative that the vehicle that the number is assigned to at the point of sale is of relatively low value or ‘of no significant value’ The reason being is that all the value of ‘the lot’ must be in the number, that way bidders are not distracted by the value of the vehicle it is assigned to.

We maintain a stock of ‘donor’ vehicles to assign number plates onto. In many circumstances the original vehicle bearing the number may have significant value or the vendor may wish to retain it. If this is the case we can oversee the transfer and reassignment of another J Number to the said vehicle. We can also manage all of the administration and the submission of documentation associated with the reassignment and sale of the registration mark.  

Sales by Private Confidential Treaty

In some instances a vendor may not wish to attract the publicity associated with offering a registration mark for sale by Public Auction. Simon Drieu & Co have a network of potential clients and are willing to negotiate a sale by private treaty with the upmost discretion and confidentiality.

Auction Fees

We offer highly competitive rates of commission for the sale of number plates, particularly those of very high value.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements.